Raising Children is a Byproduct of Raising Ourselves

Updated: May 2, 2020

From being fit and healthy, to severe postpartum depression and anxiety, to a path of natural recovery with deep personal growth, this long and hard journey not only set me free from the illness, but also lifted me to a new level of wellness I never knew was possible.

What surprised me was that it has also, unintentionally, flourished other parts of my life, parenting and marriage, which I call the byproducts of raising myself.

Like any new mum, I had fantasies of being the greatest parent and raising the most successful, happy and healthy human beings on the planet. I had ideas and expectations which I unintentionally projected onto them. I repeatedly found myself teaching, correcting, worrying and searching for the magic wand, but overlooking the uniqueness and wonder they carried within. Disconnected children and a burnt-out mum were the result.

Guided by Dr. Bruce Lipton and Dr. Shefali Tsabary, eventually I realised that my outer world, including the two little humans, was a reflection of my inner world. I realised that I was not here to teach my children, but they were here to teach me. I realised that ego and fear were in my way from being who I really am. I realised that children were not the ones that needed fixing, I was.

This shift in perspective was a game changer. I have focused on personal growth ever since, cultivating a healthy mind, connecting with nature, being present, and discovering the power within, with more listening and less demanding, more connecting and less correct