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#4 Planting the seeds of curiosity

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Hosting my first weekly event: Rise with the Sun - make every Sunday your SUN day

Waking up this morning at 5:50 am (no, I didn’t set the alarm, because my body knows to wake up before the first ray of light), “oh my, I am hosting my first Rise with The Sun event today!”, I thought excitedly. Feeling on top of the world, I bounced off the bed, brushed teeth and washed face in a flash, kissed hubby goodbye, jumped in the car, I was on the way to the event.

6:03 am I arrived at Orewa beach! Phew…. I’d never want to be late to see the sunrise! Out of the park, I carried my cute little sign, which said “Watch the Sunrise with me here” onto the beach, the mile-long, empty beach.

I waited for a couple of minutes, no one came. Well, I wasn’t expecting anyone to show up anyway. A few minutes later, to my surprise, there was someone walking towards me. I can’t hide my excitement and walked to him and asked, “morning, are you coming to watch the sunrise?” . The young man looked at me, puzzled, “‘ he muttered. With little disappointment I cheered, “good on you for making the best start of a day”. With a big smile on his face, he continued walking.

The sun started to rise, with full anticipation I walked away from the sign and emerged my feet into the cold seawater. While I have watched sunrises many times, it never ceased to amaze me, watching it slowly rise up illuminating the sea with an orange and red glow. I was completely lost in her beauty. Not sure how long it has been before I turned around, I saw a few people walking on the beach, stopping in front of the sign to read. I gave a quick wave and received a thumb up in return. Amused, I slowly walked back to the sign.

More people came to the beach. “Is this your sign?”, a young family of four asked curiously. The Swiss family who arrived in this country yesterday to visit family, came to the beach to counter the jet-lag. They were interested in my idea! It was a beautiful conversation! “See you next Sunday” they said before leaving.

It must be the sunrise, cold water, grounding and social connection, my heart was filled with love and I was feeling high. Not expecting anything for the first event, yet I felt I have already achieved the purpose - planting the seed and sparking curiosity. Because curiosity opens news doors, new ideas and new dreams. Connect to nature, rebuild your health. The choice is ours.

Find out more about this free event on my Facebook page, Naturally Wellthy w Alison Davis here.

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