Awaken your sleep drive

the ultimate formula for achieving deep and regenerative sleep naturally

Image credit Yuganov Konstantin

It’s not a secret that sleep is fundamental for our physical and mental health. It’s the time for our body to regenerate, clean up and detox so we can start new and fresh the next day. Without adequate and quality deep sleep, our body cannot function optimally as it’s designed to, inviting illness and diseases into our lives.

Unfortunately the sleeping problems in modern life have been rising worldwide:

- According to a reported by Sovereign in 2016. More than a third (35%) of New Zealanders were not getting enough sleep, or that the quality of their sleep is compromised.

- In the US, 35% of adults don’t get enough sleep. 30% suffer from Insomnia. 9 million take prescription drugs to help them fall asleep, as reported in 2019.

I suffered insomnia with postnatal depression. I know how it feels when sleep becomes a daily struggle. However, deep and regenerative sleeps are natural and attainable. It all comes down to reset your circadian rhythm and boost melatonin production naturally.

Here are my favorite two (of 10) secrets for a good night sleep: